Friday, May 13, 2011

Some random facts about me :)

So I figured I just do a random facts tag type thing.. Just to kind of introduce my self a little more :)
SO here we goooo!!!!
1. I am a Freshman in high school!! WOOT WOOT
2. I am Homeschooled and I love it so much :)
3. I am a christian. God is amazing and I try to put Him first in every area of my life
4. I have a very close knit family and I love them :) Some guy in Wendys said we were like a TV family?ha
5. I LOOVVEE the Jonas Brothers..I'm theyre #1 fan... Cause they're legit:)
6. I'm probably the only girl in the universe who cannot stand Justin Bieber whatsoever. He is obnoxious.
7. I love messing with my hair and trying to find new styles
8. I have 3 cats and 2 dogs. I love animals so much
9. American Idol is my favorite show. Even though this year its messed up bigtime. Paul , Pia and James.. All amazing.. especially James. He IS the American Idol. No matter what the show says. and Paul is adorable. :)
10. I am in high school and I love just about all the shows on Disney Channel.:) except Wizards Of Waverly Place.
11. I just wasted about 1 minute out of your life :)
 except fact 3 :)

SOOO hope that kinda let you guys get to know me better. :) As you can tell I am very serious about my American Idol. James Durbin definitely shouldve won. Haley Needs to go home. ahaha Any comments on American Idol??? Any questions?? COMMENT :) Go look up John 3:16 ... You will be amazed by God. <3

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