Monday, June 20, 2011

OPI and China glaze nail polish dupes

Hey guys!!! So I am SUPER excited for this blog :)
I'm going to be sharing with you all some nail polishes I have found lately that resemble OPI and Essie polishes quite alot :)
I love knowing about dupes because then I am paying half the price for the same color :)
So here we goo!!!!

Alright so first off , the one I was most excited to find.. A dupe for Opi's "Do You Lilac It?"
This is a really pretty pastel purple color.. and I honestly only wanted a color like it because juicystar07 on youtube alwaysss raved about it.. So when I found a dupe I was so excited!!! The dupe for this is Revlon's " Gum Drop".. A 4 dollar polish from walmart!!! :)

as you can see , " Do You Lilac It" is a little bit of a deeper purple.. But honestly... in person when you have the Revlon one on your nails , they hardly look any different...This same polish also doubles as a dupe for Essie's " Lilacism". :) There is for real absolutely no difference between the Essie and Revlon one!! They're identical!

Alright , and next.. I have found a dupe for China Glaze's " Re-fresh-mint." :D I also knew about this polish from youtube.. Strawberryelectric48 raved about this ALL THE TIME. So when I walked into walmart and saw yet another Revlon color that look exactly like it I HAD to purchase it. The color is "Minted" , and no lie. It is an exact dupe.. it' such a pretty minty green color.. PERFECT for summer:)
Here's China Glaze's "Refresh-mint"-

 And here's the Revlon polish-

And again , this revlon nail polish doubles as an Essie dupe for " Mint Candy Apple"

I think it's safe to say that all mint nail polishes pretty much look Exactly alike.. Definitely these 3 :)

AND Last but not least a dupe for OPI's " Yes I Can-Can".. I recieved this polish for Christimas this year and I LOVE it for fall.. When I was going thru my nail polishes the other day searching for dupes , I noticed that "Cabernet" By Petites is almost exactly the same.. Both are a very deep , warm red and in the bottle they look practically the same.. Once on the nail , OPI's has a little more of a shimerry purpleish look. But it's safe to say , you could just go with the petites one and be fine :)
Here's OPI's " Yes I Can-Can"-

and here's Petite's " Cabernet" -

I couldnt find a very good pic of the OPI polish. But if you just google them and compare.. they are practically the same. :)

Hope you gutys enjoyed this!!!! Hopefully I will have mor turtorials for summer up soon.. FOLLOWMEE:)
looooveeee ,

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My everyday summer makeup :)

Hey Guys so today I wanted to share with you what is going to be my everyday summer makeup look.
So it's summer , you're all tan and you dont have to wear that much makeup anymore.. But you still want makeup that will give your face a glow and show off your tan.. And I think this is the perfect look for that.. All the products are drugstore so it's not going to cost you alot and it's really going to let your natural beauty shine thru...

OK so first off for you face :
     -Start off with your favorite concealer and just cover any blemishes that bother you.... I have a    birthmark right in between my eyebrows so I like to use concealer there... I dont use it under my eyes causse I feel like in the summer your tan kind of hides the dark circles!!

    -Next as a highlight on the top of my cheek bones I use the light orangish color(#2) in the Loreal Summer Dusk Eyeshadow Quad.. I know , i know , An eyeshadow as a highlight??? Yes , this is the perfect color for your cheekbones that has a little bit of shimmer , but is still very natural

So thats all youre going to do on your face.. If you don't think you have enough color on your cheeks , you can always add your favorite cream blush :)

Ok , now for eyes :

    -So first use the white color out of the Revlon Illuminance Creme Eyeshadows in "Seashells" And use that as a highlight on your brow bone and in the inner corner of your eye..

     - Next , from the same eyeshadow quad , take the color on the very left ( In the picture its on the bottom) And lightly pat in all over your eyelids and blend it out so you have a very natural color to your eyelids , with a little bit of a glow.

    - Now , take the Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in "clear" and use it as a brow gel to put any crazy brow hairs in place.. ( you can also use any alternative brow gel you like)

    - Grab your eyelash curlers and curl your lashes!!!! I dont apply mascara because i want it to look like I dont have on any makeup, but if you feel uncomfortable without mascara , go ahead and use it!!!

And , last but not least , Grab your EOS lip balm and roll it on your lips!!!

Honestly , I am still undecided on how I feel about the eos lip balms.. I bought them because they are super cute , But I dont think they are that moisturizing at all.. And mine always turn brown around the rim :( But they do have really nice summer , fruity smells.. So thats a plus :)

And now your done!!!!! I promise this look should take 7 minutes at the most. So I hope you guys enjoy this look and have an AMAZING summer !!
Leave requests in the comments :)
xoxo , Ashley

Monday, June 6, 2011

May Favorites :)

NOTE -  If you do not want to watch 8 minutes of me rambling all the products will be listed below :) ( COMMENT IF YOU MAKE IT THRU THE WHOLE VIDEO:) haha
I filmed this 3 times to try to get it under 6 minutes...... fail..

Products Mentioned
OPI Matte Nail Envy
OPI " Can You Dig It?"
Revlon Illuminnance Creme Shadow in Seashells(740)
Maybelling Great Lash Clear Mascara
Herbal Essence Totally Twisted Hair Scrunching Gel
Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon Body Spray
Wallet from Icings :)
Carrie Underwood
Scotty Mcreery
Black Flower Sandals by Montego Bay Club
String bracelets