Monday, June 20, 2011

OPI and China glaze nail polish dupes

Hey guys!!! So I am SUPER excited for this blog :)
I'm going to be sharing with you all some nail polishes I have found lately that resemble OPI and Essie polishes quite alot :)
I love knowing about dupes because then I am paying half the price for the same color :)
So here we goo!!!!

Alright so first off , the one I was most excited to find.. A dupe for Opi's "Do You Lilac It?"
This is a really pretty pastel purple color.. and I honestly only wanted a color like it because juicystar07 on youtube alwaysss raved about it.. So when I found a dupe I was so excited!!! The dupe for this is Revlon's " Gum Drop".. A 4 dollar polish from walmart!!! :)

as you can see , " Do You Lilac It" is a little bit of a deeper purple.. But honestly... in person when you have the Revlon one on your nails , they hardly look any different...This same polish also doubles as a dupe for Essie's " Lilacism". :) There is for real absolutely no difference between the Essie and Revlon one!! They're identical!

Alright , and next.. I have found a dupe for China Glaze's " Re-fresh-mint." :D I also knew about this polish from youtube.. Strawberryelectric48 raved about this ALL THE TIME. So when I walked into walmart and saw yet another Revlon color that look exactly like it I HAD to purchase it. The color is "Minted" , and no lie. It is an exact dupe.. it' such a pretty minty green color.. PERFECT for summer:)
Here's China Glaze's "Refresh-mint"-

 And here's the Revlon polish-

And again , this revlon nail polish doubles as an Essie dupe for " Mint Candy Apple"

I think it's safe to say that all mint nail polishes pretty much look Exactly alike.. Definitely these 3 :)

AND Last but not least a dupe for OPI's " Yes I Can-Can".. I recieved this polish for Christimas this year and I LOVE it for fall.. When I was going thru my nail polishes the other day searching for dupes , I noticed that "Cabernet" By Petites is almost exactly the same.. Both are a very deep , warm red and in the bottle they look practically the same.. Once on the nail , OPI's has a little more of a shimerry purpleish look. But it's safe to say , you could just go with the petites one and be fine :)
Here's OPI's " Yes I Can-Can"-

and here's Petite's " Cabernet" -

I couldnt find a very good pic of the OPI polish. But if you just google them and compare.. they are practically the same. :)

Hope you gutys enjoyed this!!!! Hopefully I will have mor turtorials for summer up soon.. FOLLOWMEE:)
looooveeee ,

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  1. I'm totally loving the minty green color. Great finds!