Friday, May 20, 2011

All Time Favorite Mascara

Hey Girls!!!
So today I'm going to be telling ya'll about my all-time favortie mascara... ever. haha :)
I've tried so many mascaras.. Covergirl , Lancome , Maybelline Falsies.. Which were all good.. But I still LOVE Great Lash by Maybeline... I know it's like ancient. But it is AMAZING... It gives me reallly long lashes but they don't look like they are painted on.. I hate when girls pile on mascara and it's all clumpy and gross...  I don't think , with this mascara , that your lashes could ever look clumpy or gross , even if you tried to make them look like that.. So this is definitely my staple mascara.. Everytime I go out of town or to a friends , this is the one mascara I will take... What are ya'lls favorite mascaras??? Comment them :) xoxo

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