Monday, May 9, 2011

Favorite spring nail polishes!!! :)

Hey Guys!!!
I know I said I was mostly going to be posting videos but I will be posting a view blog only things. Just because some stuff would be a really short and pointless video. haha :D Anyways , I'm just gonna talk about my favorite spring nail polishes and such :)

Alright , so first is this amazing one by Revlon. It's called "minted"
It's a really pretty springtime color.. It kind of reminds me of "Refresh-Mint" by Essie with EVERYONE on youtube always talked about.. So when I saw this in walmart for about 3 dollars I had to get it.. My friend told me it looks like toothpaste... Which is accurate. But its pretty toothpaste :D

And next is "Gum Drop" by Revlon
And this color really reminded me of " Do You Lilac It?" by OPI , which Juicystar07 on youtube always talks about.. So , again I bought it.. Youtube is my reasoning for wasting money. haha But I'm so glad i purchased it.. It is PERFECT for spring.. My friend said it was "Easter"... And it is.. My friends have the weirdest descriptions for nail polishes.. So if you want Easter in a bottle , Go get this.:)
And next is Sinful Colors "Hottie" :D
This is a really , really pretty , sparkly color. Perfect for spring... Its blue sparkles with some whitish accents.. I normally apply it really , really thickly so you cant see my nail like you can in the picture above, But either way it is a very pretty nail polish. And it was only 2 bucks at walgreens!!!! woot woot!!!

And last but definitely not least is " Frenzy" also by Sinful Colors

Ahhhh , I cant get enough of this color!!! Probably one of my all-time favorites!! The main color is purple but it has pink , and aqua-ish sparkles. It is soo adorable.. Again , I normally apply it thick so you cant see my nail... But either way it is still beautifull... Suprisingly , none of my friends had a description for this nail polish.. But I told my friend it was like a disco ball on my nails. haha XD But it is an amaazing color and again , only 2 bucks.. Who can beat that???


  1. I definetely want to try out gumdrop, it looks gorgeous!

    Check out my blog if you get the chance:

  2. It is amazing!!!!! Its so much like " I lilac it" by OPI but its sooo much cheaper :)

  3. i love the glitter nail polishes so cute.